Monday, February 28, 2011

End of the Weekend

February 27, 2011
I woke up early this morning an couldn't go back to sleep so I went to Sunday school that Pastor Lance just started for this year on spiritual gifts. Seems like it's going to be really good so I'll be going from now on :) The service was great! We sang an Afrikaans worship song then in English it was really amazing :) Nkosi is word for God.
Our young adult cell group (bible study) was on tea duty for this month and it was my turn this morning with Martha. Just have to serve tea and coffee then clean up after. They use china cups and plates so the clean up entails washing them all, hehe.
I didn't go to evening service because we went out for Kabelo's birthday to a restaurant called Spurs and didn't get back in time, but I had a really good time. While we were eating I had a good talk with Barbara about some of the kids stories how they came to Lambano and also how she come to be here in South Africa. She is a retired teacher from Wisconsin and has been at Lambano for 5 and a half years now.
I also shared with her about Reliv. On Tuesday I took some of the Reliv I brought with me to talk to Lyn (who is the lady in charge of Lambano) about giving some to Boutimelo who is HIV+ and has skin cancer that can't be treated because of it. He come back from the hospital last week after being there for 3 weeks because of meningitis. He lost a lot of weight and only weighs 18kilos now and he is 10 or 11 I think. Right now Lyn is concerned about him gaining weight then we'll give him some Reliv in a month. Some of the other staff at the office is very interested in Reliv though. I've told most of them how much it's helped my family and about the Kalogris Foundation which has feeding stations all around the world.
Reliv is not open in Africa right now and last I talked to the Board at the foundation there was nothing in the mere future that was going towards Africa. There is just too many kids in the countries they are in already that still aren't getting product at the feeding stations that need to be taken care of first. I understand that, but I wrote an e-mail to the company asking what would the process look like getting it here to South Africa? So looking forward to what their response will be :)
                          Driving back home in the combi from the restaurant

                               Sunset with the city of Joburg

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