Thursday, March 3, 2011

Second trip to Katlehong

March 2, 2011
I can't believe it's March! I will have been her 2 months already next week! It's starting to really cool down a lot at night and the leaves are starting to change color on some of the trees...autumn is on it's way.
Today felt like non-stop from 8 to 5. I did school with the hospice kids. Then went at 10:30 with Martha to a warehouse store, kinda like Costco. When we went to Katlehong last week (the township) we learned that one of the families that Lambano sponsors was having some family problems, and anyways the granny ended up leaving 2 kids without care of food. One of the neighbors that Lambano also sponsors was caring for them and here own kids. So we went and bought at least 3 months supply of food for all of them. Got back just in time for me to go on the school run and then right when I got back we drove out to Katlehong. They are doing construction on the highway so traffic was backed up for awhile.
When we got to the shacks to find out the granny had gone shopping so we took the 3 girls that were there with us to go find her so we could drop off all the food. We couldn't find her and the oldest girl of whose granny left told us that they had run out of toiletries so we went to the store to buy some things for them. Martha said you are in for an experience. Lol. Yeah, so we went to the shops and I was the only white person and got quote a lot of interesting looks. The store was super busy too. The 2 younger girls were holding onto me the whole time while the older girl and Martha shopped. It was interesting and I did enjoy it. I just smiled as some people why is this crazy white girl here!
When we got back to the shacks The other granny returned and we were able to unload all the food for them. So I was able to see inside the one room shacks. The sights and smells of this place where they live are hard to think that people live there lives there.
One of the mamas that works at Lambano lives at a squatter camp really close by to where I'm staying. We drove by it once and I was surprised that is was so close to where wealthy people live. I'm sure that that place is even worse then the place I saw today.
Well we were able to help 2 families today with what we could.

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