Thursday, March 24, 2011

Went to Katlehong today to take some baby clothes to a family and get some pictures to send the sponsors. The baby I'm holding belongs to a 14 year old girl. Her older sister who is 18 is due with a baby in September. The family lives in the township and there are 4 sisters living with there mother who is HIV+. She has went out to find a job since there is another person in the household and another on the way.
Yesterday was crazy...had to make a trip to Katlehong to take a dietitian who interviewed some of the kids at the schools and was following up on them since they have been on a food program. Got back to the office and then went to Fruit and Veg to buy for the 5 houses, right after that went on the school run. Was able to have a quick lunch then took Lambano's dog to the vet. After that I went to the mall and found a power cord for my computer since mine doesn't work anymore. Then I went home with a headache and went to bed!
Tuesday night our cell group (bible study) made gatsbys to eat which is a loaf of bread stuffed with chips (french fries) and fried hot dogs and boloney with tomato sauce (ketchup) and vinegar. Very nutritious haha. Then Kerry-Ann who been a professional dancer gave us all ballroom dancing lessons. We learned the cha-cha! It was super fun! 

This coming Saturday a company is taking Lambano to the zoo, I'm going as a driver. Should be fun!
The last few days have been hot which is quite a change from the weekend at the conference when it was cold and rainy! Hey, I'm not complaining :)

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