Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Week

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So on Thursday evening I went to play touch rugby! It was the first time hehe. Martha came to and it was her first time too. I absolutely had a great time, it was so fun! And I guess I played pretty well because they said I have to come play every Thursday evening.
Friday was pretty relaxed day. Two of the staff in the office were out sick so it was just Martha in the office most of the day. In the morning the massage students came and we got 30 minute back massages. The girl that massaged me said that I need more than a half an hour massage because there was so much tension built up in my neck and shoulders. Oh well if I can get at least one a week I think that'll help. They come every Wednesday and Friday mornings. Friday night I went out with Martha, Miriam (volunteer from France) and Megan (girl from church who is a teacher) to Montecasino. We dressed up and went to dinner to a Thai place that was very yummy! Montecasino was a really cool was like being in Italy with the streets lined with restaurants. The ceiling was painted to look like the evening sky! Us single girls had a great time out.
Today Miriam and I woke up early to take Nellie (10 years old) one of the girls from House 36 to an assessment in Randburg about 20 minutes drive away if the highway is not backed up. I never had been there and had pretty good directions because we didn't get lost. Nellie's assessment was to be 2 hours long so Miriam and I drove to the Rosebud Mall not far from the place where an African Craft Fair is. That was interesting. Miriam was really good at beginning with people. I just observed at first. Basically they give you their price and you ask for a way lower one then you go back and forth for awhile. Sometimes just say I think I'll see what other vendors are offering and they might accepted your offer then. Haha. I got a few things for gifts for people back home and I think I got the hang of was actually quite fun :) Plan to go back before leave or at least go to the other closer to Wychwood.


  1. I want to see a picture of where you sleep!


  2. Um in a bed lol...mmk I'll get that and the house too :)