Monday, July 9, 2012

Travel and First night. July 3-4

So we have Internet access so I will be posting a little. Most post will be after I get home so I can put some pictures with the posts :) My friend Leanne and I flew from Seattle to Detroit which was a 4 hour flight. From ere was the longest plane ride, 8 hours to Paris. There we had an hour and a half layover were we met up with some our team from Kentucky, Kristina and Niki, right before we were about to board Mari, Janet, and Rebekah appeared! It was about a 6 hour flight to Lome and we were delayed about 45 minutes because waiting for 3 passengers and when they didn't come they had to get there luggage off. We got off after that and finally landed in Togo!! :) We got off the plane and took a shuttle bus to the airport then had to wait in line for quite awhile to go through passport control. It was about 7pm and it was already dark, but still very humid, which was something to get used to here lol. We got our luggage and went through customs. Daniel Kpowbie our host and leader in Togo picked us up with a van and 1 other vehicle. All our luggage was secured on top of the van and off we were. It was about and hour drive to Daniel's house. The ride was exciting, many car but many many more motor bikes zooming in and out of traffic. People were street side with booths set up to sell. There was so much activity. First Night When we arrived there was a group of women and children to greet us and Leah and Roger also who had arrived the day before. It was so great to see them since the last time I had seen them was 10+ years ago! Our bags were unloaded and put in our rooms...Leanne and I are roommates! The room was tile floor, cement walls, and had 2 windows. There were some nice spiders and a lizard crawling around the walls. We were served by Daniel's wife and friends. They cooked a wonderful meal of veggies, rice and fish. Taking a cool shower before bed was amazing after traveling for 24 hours and because of the humidity. There is only one temperature for the water. We blew up our air mattresses and hung our mosquito nets and fell asleep. I'm back in Africa :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Departing from Seattle at 2pm on July 3 with a layover in Detroit and Paris I will arrive in Lome, Togo on July 4th at 6:05pm! About 19 hours of travel with an 8 hour time change. Please pray for safety and health! I am to take malaria pills and last time I had bad side effects.

It is an overwhelming wonderful feeling to have so many people tell me that they are praying for me and my team. I'm very blessed and God is so faithful! :)

I know the Lord will hear all prayers and His will will be done in Togo during our time there. I will have alot to write about upon my return and am thankful for all who continue to follow for updates. Pray for the hearts in Togo who will hear the words we speak and that God will give the word He wants us to speak ;)

This is short for I am tired and need some sleep before leaving for the airport in 7 hours :) Signing off until July 16.

The Word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does. Ps. 33:4