Monday, February 28, 2011

End of the Weekend

February 27, 2011
I woke up early this morning an couldn't go back to sleep so I went to Sunday school that Pastor Lance just started for this year on spiritual gifts. Seems like it's going to be really good so I'll be going from now on :) The service was great! We sang an Afrikaans worship song then in English it was really amazing :) Nkosi is word for God.
Our young adult cell group (bible study) was on tea duty for this month and it was my turn this morning with Martha. Just have to serve tea and coffee then clean up after. They use china cups and plates so the clean up entails washing them all, hehe.
I didn't go to evening service because we went out for Kabelo's birthday to a restaurant called Spurs and didn't get back in time, but I had a really good time. While we were eating I had a good talk with Barbara about some of the kids stories how they came to Lambano and also how she come to be here in South Africa. She is a retired teacher from Wisconsin and has been at Lambano for 5 and a half years now.
I also shared with her about Reliv. On Tuesday I took some of the Reliv I brought with me to talk to Lyn (who is the lady in charge of Lambano) about giving some to Boutimelo who is HIV+ and has skin cancer that can't be treated because of it. He come back from the hospital last week after being there for 3 weeks because of meningitis. He lost a lot of weight and only weighs 18kilos now and he is 10 or 11 I think. Right now Lyn is concerned about him gaining weight then we'll give him some Reliv in a month. Some of the other staff at the office is very interested in Reliv though. I've told most of them how much it's helped my family and about the Kalogris Foundation which has feeding stations all around the world.
Reliv is not open in Africa right now and last I talked to the Board at the foundation there was nothing in the mere future that was going towards Africa. There is just too many kids in the countries they are in already that still aren't getting product at the feeding stations that need to be taken care of first. I understand that, but I wrote an e-mail to the company asking what would the process look like getting it here to South Africa? So looking forward to what their response will be :)
                          Driving back home in the combi from the restaurant

                               Sunset with the city of Joburg

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Moment

The world is
going on around me.
Here i sit and the only
thing that matters
right now
in this very moment
is You.
i go back once again
to be lost in You
to fall in love with You.
Fall in love with You
more and more
every day
but i don't
i get lost in this
world of folly
caught up in the routine and activities of life.
You sit
until i remember You again.
To come back and sit with You
in this moment like i am now
where the only thing that matters
is You.
Can i not stay here forever?
But i don't
i stand up
walk away
swept away
with the flow of the busy crowd
leaving You
until i come back and sit with You next time.
At least i think
You always sit there.
i could take You with me
to be next to me
to be aware
of Your closeness
but i don't.
You do go with me
You are still with me
aren't You.
i'm not always aware of it.
You are right by my side
all the time
holding onto me.
i return to sit with You
as if
You have been there the whole time
i'm unaware
You never left me
when I went back in the rotation of the world.
may i always take You with me
in my words
in this life
i get lost in this world
may i still be found in You.
Right now
as this moment is drawing to an end
i must rise from where i sit
with complete contentment in You
feeling Your presence
with me
at this moment
i will take You with me.
The way You have loved me and love me
overwhelms me
i deepen my love in You.
My whole heart
to You
at this


Mandla's 9th birthday was on Friday!

Some of the 82 kids: Noma, Junoir, Tshepiso, Mandla and Tebogo. And me with Martha and Mama Remi.

Also, Friday I went with Martha to Katlehong, which is where a township is in South Africa. 40 years ago they made these townships for black people to live separate from white's better now so there are more black and white people coexisting now. But anyways Lambano used to sponsor some of the families at this place, but they lost funding a few years ago, but you know the shoeboxes that people wrap up for third world countries for kids...well Martha and I went to finally deliver them to some of the families. So it was my first time going to a township...I was the only white person ahhhh lol. I was driving too. The first house we went to was basically just a shack, no running water, no electricity. Some of the houses do have those things tho that we went to. I really did enjoy going to the township and am going back with Martha on Wednesday. My heart feels for those people, what can I do for them? I didn't take any pictures...I was too busy taking it all in. The pictures are in my head though. Martha told me some stories for each family. One was of a mother whose 4 year old daughter burned to death last year in a fire. Her son also has a kidney problem and needs a transplant. He was one of the boys we gave a shoe box to and his belly was so swollen. We learned that the other family we went to got in a fight with the 16 year old who ran out, then the granny left the other to girls in the shack and we don't know where she is...the girls have no way to get food. Most kids are raised by grandparents because the parents have died from AIDS. We went to a school too. There are lots of school more classes are 60+ students. One girl failed 2nd grade 4 times and now the school won't take her...Martha said that they just push most of the students along barely passing them and leaving some behind. They need help with there homework. She used to go to Katlehong 4 times a week, before Lambano lost funding for these specific families.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was not the same routine as usual. I usually teach the hospice kids from 8-12, but we set to work dragging about 30 garbage bags of clothing out of the doctors room which is behind the hospice. They had been sorting all the clothing that Lambano wasn't using for a jumble sale (yard sale). So me and Tabiso (one of the house mamas) sorted the whole morning adult and kids clothing into R1 R2 R3 bags for the sale in April. Some of the bags of cloths were ruined from flooding that had happened recently in the room and it was smelling. There were a bunch of spider in the corner of the room were the bags were piled up...ew. After we finish I went to lunch then on the school run. I usually spend time with House 36 after that but was sent to the shops to buy somethings for one of the kids whos school is going on a camping trip.
 Today I woke up early because I took the kids to school. It was a really good mornign at the Hospice! Selby and Cina were very good working on their school. Boutimelo wasn't around so he was either taken to the doctor or wasn't feeling well. There is a new girl at the hospice who came last week. Nombulelo is 8 years old. She is HIV+ and has Diabetes. Her family wasn't able to take care of her, so she will be here for awhile. I did school with her this morning. I'm still assessing her level, but so far she knows her alphabet and numbers. She is a sweetie! After I went with Martha (staff at Lambano) to fruit and Veg to buy for all 5 house for the week. Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I'm going with Martha to a township for the first time where Lambano also does work.
Nombulelo with the twins Bheki and Khaya :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Thobile left today. It was really quick... the social worker called and said she was coming to get her this morning. Not anytime to say goodbye or prepare the other kids at the hospice. She had been here almost a year and Selby was quite attached to her as a big brother, so it was sad. But she is going to her aunt since her mother is unable to care for her. Today in the staff meeting we prayed for placing for Selby and Cina because they have been here for quite awhile. Thobile was a sweety though she was going to be 2 in May and just starting to walk. Only say a few words so she called me mama along with the other house mothers. I was working with her say more words etc. She always has a very serious expression on her face, but when she'd laugh and giggle it's the cutest thing with her 4 teeth! She'll be missed, but happy that she can go home to family :)

Boutimelo and Thobile


February 21, 2011
Today was Junior's 10th birthday! There are actually 3 birthdays in House 82 this week! Kabelo's 10th tomorrow and Mandla's 9th on Friday. So Sunday, after church, all of House 82 kids, Mama Emma (82 house mother) and Mama Barbara (long term volunteer from USA)  Miriam and I went out to the restaurant called Spurs. It had a mini ferris wheel, trampolines, and merry-go-rounds for the kids to play on, and it was quite a nice time. When we got back the kids went for a doo doo (that is what the call taking a rest here) haha! And I swam and read out by the pool, it was a nice hot day!
Sunday evening went to church and Pastor Lance gave us another resolve as for every Sunday evening service. I resolve to treat my body as Scripture tells me to: as the temple of God. Of course with 1 Cor. 6:12-20 talking about your body being a temple. He introduced the sermon with 1 Cor. 2:6-13 having us underline verse 10...”God has revealed to us through His Spirit.” The first point was that our spirit belongs to God. And when we received the Spirit of God our spirits are fused together, he used the example of how when man and wife are joined as one when they are married on their wedding night. The same as man's spirit and God's spirit becoming one; fused together. (verse 12).
When Pastor Lance preaches whatever topic or subject of the bible he always, always goes back to the Gospel, which is so amazing (I mean that is what all churches should do) but even more so because Grace Covenant Church was teaching about being on mission with the gospel before I came here, and to come to the other side of the world and still have the Gospel being preached with the same urgentcey to tell those who haven't heard...and also in such a way to encourage to be on mission with the gospel. Lambano can only do so much for the kids that are really sick and might not make it...and once that is done it's up to God. Yes, we can only do so much medically, but we still can still always be speaking truth to these kids...of God's mercy and grace...the Gospel!
After having such a hot day yesterday, it was quite cold and stormy all day today. Did the school run then got back to take Daniel (from House 34) who is 15, to an eye appointment. Found the eye office alright just had to turn around once, which is pretty good since I was just given directions verbally haha. Doc said his eyes are wonderful and he won't need glasses!
Jenna (long term volunteer from London) is going on holiday with her family in March for 2 weeks and while she is gone I'll be taking over work with the House 36 kids. Speech therapy with Thandazo, OT with Smiley and homework with Nelly. March is looking like a busy month in the first place. Towards the end of the month is the first break from school studies this year, which I'm told is 3 weeks. Mind you they just finished summer break and started school for the year when I arrived here in January :)
Oh! And I also got my first mail today since I've been here! I wasn't expecting anything yet so it was a surprise! :) Thanks Marika and Marissa, your letters arrived safely and a reply is on the way!

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law. Deuteronomy 29:29

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boutimelio and Koketso

On Monday I got up at 6am to go with Sybille (long term volunteer from Switzerland) to the hospital. Thandazo one fo the older girls at House 78 had to get some papers signed from the doctor for more oxygen and Khosi (the little burned boy) needed to get his bandages changed. I went to go and visit Boutimelio.
The hospital we went to it's the ususal one that Lambano goes to. It is quite big though and lots of empty places there that I wouldn't wanna walk down one of those corridors alone at night. The way it works is that they give everyone the same appointment 8am, doctors don't start seeing people until later, so quite a long line can form. The earlier you get there the closer of a place in line up front you get. A mama from the hospice took Khosi and she was first in line and the doctors won't be there until noon. Sybille and Thandazo would see the doctor at 9 and it won't talk long to get papers signed.
The system at the hospital works like this for example Boutimelio was in 285. 2 Section, 8 Floor, 5 Unit and thats how one navigates thoughout the hospital. We took the elevator there are 3 but only one was working so a bunch of people crammed into it when it finally got to our floor. I dislike elevators in the first place so cramped in with a bunch of people for 5 minutes didn't sit well with me. I took the stairs when we left.
It's not the cleanest place for being a hospital. And the rooms have at least 6 beds in each of more. So Boutimelio was in a room with 3 other kids. He doesn't know English very well so he was very quiet I just did some activities with him and read to him for 2 hours until Sybille came to get me. We talked to the doctors and they said that he could go home the next day. He had been on an IV for 14 days.
Uncle Philly (Lambano handy man) was to pick up the other mama and Khosi since it was only 11 and they hadn't even seen the doctor yet. We had to get back for a farewell lunch for Valerie (short term volunteer from Ireland) because she was returning home that day.
Yesterday Koketso's foster parents came to take him home to Pretoria. Staff is a little nervous because he got so sick, on the brink of dying, in the first place because the mom wasn't firm with him and his medicine and let him eat whatever. They explained to her that he wouldn't make it if that happened to him again. We'll see in 6 weeks when he comes for a blood test.
So one left the hospice, but one returned. Boutimelio was discharged from the hospital and is back now...I'll saw him this morning and he looked up and smiled at me. Praying that he will be ok here now and won't have to return to the hospital. The staff here doesn't know why the hospital sent him home...he really does not look that well...

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father in lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. James 1:17

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday afternoon

February 13, 2011

Today a dear elderly lady from church took Miriam and I to the Walter Sisulu national Botanical Garden. Winsome is in her 80's and she has been a missionary to Congo in her younger days and now she has been a homework teacher at Lambano for almost 5 years. She invited Miriam and I to her house for lunch with her friend Vera. It was a lovely time! Then we  drove to the Gardens. It was a good drive away. Drove through the middle of was the first time I've been in the that part of the city. I noticed there was no white people walking around the streets downtown. Winsome and Vera where excellent tour guides and it was very interesting.
When we got to the Gardens we walked down to the Witpoortjie Waterfall. It wasn't sunny out but it was quite warm. We had a little picnic of cake and then walked on some of the trails around the Garden. It was such a nice relaxing time.

Miriam, Winsome, Vera, & Me

Winsome is quite a sweet, dear lady. She has many story and sometimes barely stops to take a breath. She is always talking about God and how good He is and how everything is in His timing...He is are strength. I have much to learn from this wise godly woman and I thank God for her heart and service.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pray for Burned Child

Just got back from the school run to learn that there is another child at the hospice. He is only one year old and has been burned. I saw him and his left hand has no more fingers from being burned off and his face is burnt. His head is wrapped up in bandages. It happened from a candle. The townships where they only live in shacks don't have electricity so they use candles. Viv said that it's a problem in South Africa, children being left with the fire and being burned and killed.
Please remember this little boy in your prayers this weekend. And remember God is Sovereign.


I'm in the office this morning because some of the staff is out. I just have to answer phones and use the computer! Great time to blog I thought :)
Lambano has  new girl in the Hospice as of Monday. Tshsi is a 17 year old girl. I heard part of her story Tuesday and it literally hurt my heart. I can't go into much detail. Just she is HIV+ not of her own doing. Both her parents are no longer living. She will probably be at Lambano for about 6 months to a year. I'm not sure where she is with God, but I am looking forward to getting to know her much better during my time here. Her English is very good so no barrier there. She has been on my mind since she got here and I have been praying for her constantly. Please pray that God will help me with words to say and to be a friend to her :)
Boutimelo is still in the hospital and if it's Meningitis he will be there for a long time (he was there for 3 months last time) I asked if I would be able to visit him and starting Monday I will 1 to 2 times a week hopefully. Siybille will take me so I'll know the way to the hospital and I'm looking forward to hanging out with him and maybe doing some school if he is up for it. Sometimes the hospital staff isn't to keen on visitor in the mornings so pray that I will be able to visit ok :)
Yesterday I had to go pick up Unathi from school early because she wasn't feeling well. Kokesto came with me. He is a very quiet boy. It's looking like a may be able to go home soon next month! So can remember that in your prayers. He does talk about going home so I know he is really waiting to.
Martha (staff at Lambano) and Valerie (volunteer from Ireland) get back tomorrow from their holiday in Cape Town. Valerie returns home on Monday. I'm gonna miss her. She was the one who took my on the school runs until I was comfortable driving. And showed me which therapy to do with Junior (5 year with brain damage) in the hospice.
Tomorrow are swimming lessons at the aquatic center for the hospice kids and House 36. It was suggested that I take Junior for more therapy in the water. When he is excited he screams really loud, it's how he expresses his joy. So hoping that he will do well tomorrow.
Saturday are the other kids swimming lessons at the aquatic center. Last week I taught my kids Tebogo, Unathi, and Nkosi at House 78, the water was kind of cold which isn't very good for them especially Nkosi's muscles because he wears leg braces to help him walk. So it was decided that I would take them to the aquatic center too! The pool in heated and covered so it will be alot warmer for them!
Tonight Miriam (my roommate from France) and I will be going to the pool to swim. We went Monday but there was a thunderstorm :-P
Thank you for your encouragement, support, and prayers. One more thing, pray for me and that I can daily make decisions regarding teaching the kids in light of eternity. Who know what God has planned for their lives? He may use them for His purpose in the future. Pray for there attitudes towards school, some days are a struggle. Pray that I can make it exciting and interesting for them and that we can be productive.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in review...

February 6, 2011
This week has gone by fast but it was a good week. I started driving the school run on my own and it has gone very well. Tuesday and Wednesday there was some terrific thunder and lightening storms right at the time I was picking up the kids!
After I get back from the school run I spend an hour at House 36 with the kids there. On Tuesday I had 3 of the little girls plaiting (braiding) my hair. The momma cautioned them not to make the braids so small that Auntie Rachel wouldn't be able to find them lol. I was surprised that they did such nice braids for being to young :)
On Wednesdays and Fridays there will be massage therapy students coming to Lambano in the mornings to the hospice. They just started coming this week 2 to 3 of them come one those days. To work with the kids and staff. So including me too! I'll get to have some massages as well.
Church Wednesday night was excellent! We divided up into groups and had to look up Scriptures then define what the Gospel is :)

On Friday Koketso's 10th birthday!

It was also the first day of swimming lessons. The hospice kids and House 36 go on Friday mornings. I went with them. They go to a swimming and aquatic center where there is a nice indoor pool. It was a lot of fun!
Saturday morning I woke up with 10+ bug bites all over my legs :S Cleaned the apartment then walked over to House 78 with Tebogo for his first swimming lesson. I teach him and Unathi and Nkosi every Saturday afternoon there while the older kids go to the aquatic center for their lessons. Unathi and Nkosi have some disabilities along with HIV, so it was great to be able to work with them in the water and they were very excited ;)
Well that was the week! I've been here almost a month...time is going so fast. Another week is starting...God has been teaching me so much...continually amazing me at the way He works in my life!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Rachel Young
Lambano Sanctuary
P.O. Box. 752466
Gardenview, 2047
South Africa

 Don't send my any packages, don't want to risk them not making it. So just letters if you want and nothing valuable. :)


January 31, 2011

The last 3 days have been sunny and hot. I got a sunburn on Friday but I'm starting to be more tan now instead of red lol. Stephanie and I went to a lion park about 40 minutes away Saturday morning. I had a great time and it was pretty amazing having a huge lion outside the car window. When your that close to a lion you get a better perspective about how amazing in Revelations when it talks about the lion and the lamb...wooza!
Went swimming with the 82 kids after church on Sunday it was nice and hot :)

Sunday night went to evening service. Every Sunday night we have a another resolve. Last nights was resolve to be different from the world; to be a history maker (by following God and walking in His ways) and we looked at Hebrews 12:1-2. And had some examples of the great cloud of witnesses who have followed God in the bible.
Towards the end he talked about Jonathan Edwards who was Puritan in the 1700s. He wrote a lost of 70 Resolves when he was 19 years. One of them was “Resolve to live for God; if no one else does, I still will.” How do you react in difficult times? When someone is annoying you or causing you trouble....its so hard not to react negatively very nature doesn't want to act godly always in struggles. Read 1 Peter 4:12-16, 19 its about suffering. Are you prepared for the times where in a situation you will be the only one living for God?