Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was not the same routine as usual. I usually teach the hospice kids from 8-12, but we set to work dragging about 30 garbage bags of clothing out of the doctors room which is behind the hospice. They had been sorting all the clothing that Lambano wasn't using for a jumble sale (yard sale). So me and Tabiso (one of the house mamas) sorted the whole morning adult and kids clothing into R1 R2 R3 bags for the sale in April. Some of the bags of cloths were ruined from flooding that had happened recently in the room and it was smelling. There were a bunch of spider in the corner of the room were the bags were piled up...ew. After we finish I went to lunch then on the school run. I usually spend time with House 36 after that but was sent to the shops to buy somethings for one of the kids whos school is going on a camping trip.
 Today I woke up early because I took the kids to school. It was a really good mornign at the Hospice! Selby and Cina were very good working on their school. Boutimelo wasn't around so he was either taken to the doctor or wasn't feeling well. There is a new girl at the hospice who came last week. Nombulelo is 8 years old. She is HIV+ and has Diabetes. Her family wasn't able to take care of her, so she will be here for awhile. I did school with her this morning. I'm still assessing her level, but so far she knows her alphabet and numbers. She is a sweetie! After I went with Martha (staff at Lambano) to fruit and Veg to buy for all 5 house for the week. Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I'm going with Martha to a township for the first time where Lambano also does work.
Nombulelo with the twins Bheki and Khaya :)

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  1. Gah! How big were those suckers?! Nothing like finding a family of spiders when you're not expecting to. :/ Hope today's trip to the Township went well, and you stayed safe!