Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in review...

February 6, 2011
This week has gone by fast but it was a good week. I started driving the school run on my own and it has gone very well. Tuesday and Wednesday there was some terrific thunder and lightening storms right at the time I was picking up the kids!
After I get back from the school run I spend an hour at House 36 with the kids there. On Tuesday I had 3 of the little girls plaiting (braiding) my hair. The momma cautioned them not to make the braids so small that Auntie Rachel wouldn't be able to find them lol. I was surprised that they did such nice braids for being to young :)
On Wednesdays and Fridays there will be massage therapy students coming to Lambano in the mornings to the hospice. They just started coming this week 2 to 3 of them come one those days. To work with the kids and staff. So including me too! I'll get to have some massages as well.
Church Wednesday night was excellent! We divided up into groups and had to look up Scriptures then define what the Gospel is :)

On Friday Koketso's 10th birthday!

It was also the first day of swimming lessons. The hospice kids and House 36 go on Friday mornings. I went with them. They go to a swimming and aquatic center where there is a nice indoor pool. It was a lot of fun!
Saturday morning I woke up with 10+ bug bites all over my legs :S Cleaned the apartment then walked over to House 78 with Tebogo for his first swimming lesson. I teach him and Unathi and Nkosi every Saturday afternoon there while the older kids go to the aquatic center for their lessons. Unathi and Nkosi have some disabilities along with HIV, so it was great to be able to work with them in the water and they were very excited ;)
Well that was the week! I've been here almost a month...time is going so fast. Another week is starting...God has been teaching me so much...continually amazing me at the way He works in my life!

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