Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Thobile left today. It was really quick... the social worker called and said she was coming to get her this morning. Not anytime to say goodbye or prepare the other kids at the hospice. She had been here almost a year and Selby was quite attached to her as a big brother, so it was sad. But she is going to her aunt since her mother is unable to care for her. Today in the staff meeting we prayed for placing for Selby and Cina because they have been here for quite awhile. Thobile was a sweety though she was going to be 2 in May and just starting to walk. Only say a few words so she called me mama along with the other house mothers. I was working with her say more words etc. She always has a very serious expression on her face, but when she'd laugh and giggle it's the cutest thing with her 4 teeth! She'll be missed, but happy that she can go home to family :)

Boutimelo and Thobile

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  1. Oh, my favorite! I'm glad she has found a home though.