Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend

The Weekend. January 14, 2011.
Friday: Woke up after sleeping 15 hours and just spent the morning reading and praying. Walked over to the office and talked with Martha about my schedule which starts Monday. I also start driving this week, taking some of the hospice kids to school about a 30 minute drive away. I'll observe until Wenesday then I'll drive with someone then Thursday I'm on my own! I'm a little nervous but I think I'll be okay, if you can keep me in your prayers. Just uncertain with the whole stick shift thing and driving on the left side of the road.
So this is roughly my schedule during the week, may change due to whatever is happening at the time.... in the mornings from 8-12 I will be teaching the hospice kids numbers, letters, and colors etc. Have lunch from 12-1 and then school run from 1:30 to 3. Three to four I will work with the house 36 children homework, playing with them etc. then from 4-4:30 sort out the store room and prepare lesson for the next day, then I'm free to do whatever for the rest of the day. That is Monday- Wednesday and Friday. Thursday is close to the same except I take the hospice kids to school instead of picking them up. Saturday I have swimming lessons with some of the hospice kids in the afternoons. Sundays there is church in the morning and evening.
After talking with Martha, Valerie (a short term volunteer from Ireland) took my to the police station so get a copy of my passport varified and when we got back we did somethings with Daniel a 14 year-old boy who isn't place in a school yet, because they are still waiting the hear back. By then it was time for lunch and went back to 82 to eat and I decided to go with Valerie on the school run.
We got back and I hung out in the office with Miriam and Martha til it closed at 4:30 and went back to 82 and rested until 8:00 when I went out for dinner with Martha, Miriam, Valerie, and Sibylle ( a long term volunteer from Switzerland). We went to Primi Piatti an Itailin restaurant. I got some sourdough crust pizza, it was delicious tehe. Then the ladies wanted to know more about me so went on about that. We got back to the house about 10:30 and I showered and me and Miriam watched a movie on my laptop and then went to sleep after midnight.

Saturday, January 15: Woke up at 6 and didn't get up til after 10. Miriam and I walked down to the shopping mall. I went to the post office to get some International stamps to post some letters home. We got coffee at Seattle Coffee Co. which apparently used to be a very popular franchise in the country but not so much anymore.
After supper I hung out with the kids, I'm still getting to know them and pretty much have their names down with their faces :) I didn't have a tired drag today like the couple of days before so I think I'm over being jetlag....I have Reliv and sleep to thank for that.
When it was bed time Miriam and I bathed Noma and Tshepiso then we gathered with the rest of the boys for a bible story around the table. Then we went around the table to pray and each one of them prayed aloud, even the youngest one who is 4. It was a bonding moment for me to hear their childlike prayers... after hugs and kisses they were off to bed. Tomorrow is church. Can't wait :)

Sunday, January 16: Church was at 9:30AM. It's called Wychwood Baptist Church. I really liked the service. Pastor Lance preached on Mark 5:21-43 about the woman who touched Jesus and was healed and about the dead girl He raised from the dead. It was a very good message and it really will be helpful for me. Just in the conclusion that God doesn't intend for us to live in this body which is a continuing reminder of sin. Why does He not heal? Because He has a plan! Jesus is stronger than death and it is not the end. It was good to hear this thinking about the children and how they all have HIV since birth...why won't they be healed? Yes, there are some miracle stories, but since Miriam has been here a 16 year old girl has died and a young baby. That wasn't the end for them though, they are no longer suffering.
The worship was amazing to! It was so awesome to be praising God with fellow believers on the other side of the world!
Sunday afternoon Miriam and I mostly walked around the neighborhood and that evening we went to an evening service with Martha and Valerie. We went to Cornerstone which is a very charismatic! The message was very encouraging though! It was on James 1 about trials. A few things here that convicted me was how when going trials and testing it's all about the attitude I have. I'm praying that when the times come that I want to grumble and complain I will have JOY. Another thing is that I can't wallow in self-pity...which was revealed in my heart that I struggle with that and have this past summer. So! NO more woe is me.
Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. James 1:2-3
I realize that the trials I went through this past summer wasn't meant for me to be feeling sorry for myself, but for me to be turning to my Savior and clinging to Him...having my patience strengthened and growing closer to God. People will fail me but He will not. I didn't learn that lesson very well I have to confess, but I thank God that I have learned it.
Tomorrow I start schooling with the hospice children and also start riding with Valerie to learn the route to take 4 of the kids to school, which on Thursday I will begin driving there myself! Eek :P It's been raining almost all day...


  1. Good to see you're having a good time, and learning lots already! :) I know technically you'll be teaching the kids, but God will be teaching you (apparently already has been!) as well :). Stay safe RayRay, and as always, gotchya in my prayers.

  2. Yay! You'll be awesome. Don't worry about driving...remember when we were up on that road looking for that trail head and I got freaked out, and so you took the wheel and got us out of there? I have faith in you! lol.