Friday, January 28, 2011


January 27, 2011

Today was sunny! I went to the hospice in the morning and didn't do much school with the kids, just played some games. I was feeding baby Khaya and he decided to spit up like half of his bottle all over everything lol. So I had to walk back to 82 and change. Miriam was there with the little ones from 36, Vuyo and Simphiwe. After I change and was walk out Miriam came running out with Vuyo yelling that he was choking and I ran over and started hitting his back and that worked but out came the candy he was eating. Poor little guy, so that was kinda scary. Amazing how the timing worked though. If Khaya hadn't spit up all over me I wouldn't of had to change..hmm :)

This afternoon I went with Martha and we went to Fruit and Veg to buy for the houses. Martha is going on hoilday for 2 weeks to Cape town with Valerie and Stephanie, so while she's gone I'll be the one going to buy the next 2 weeks. We went to Eastgate mall and I got a mobile phone for R80 (a little over $10) it's pay as you go. Thought it'd be a good idea since I'm have for awhile and will be driving, etc. It was the cheapest one and totally old school. The kids said it looks like a calculator haha.

Tomorrow is Friday so that means taking the kids out. Hopefully it is sunny again so we can go to the park! :)

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  1. The Lord works in mysterious ways... :) Gotta love how God can use being spit up on for good eh? haha. Kinda makes you chuckle, and be completely in awe at the same time!