Wednesday, January 12, 2011

London Layover

I embarked to South Africa yesterday morning. Flew from Seattle to London with a connecting flight in Chicago. Right before take off from SEA-TAC we learned that there might be a 2 hour delay due to the weather in Chicago. It was just over an hour though and we got to Chicago and hour behind schedule. My next flight wasn't until 5:00 so I wasn't too concerned. They were canceling some flights though. Through it all I just keep remembering what Pastor Josh said in his New Years sermon. "We don't know what 2011 holds, but we know who holds 2011. God is in control!"
God is in control was/is the constant phrase on my mind and I believe it! I'm in London now and have 6 hours until I fly to Johannesburg. I was feeling fine, but got sick to my stomach twice...please pray for me! I don't want to arrive at Lambano sick. I'm starting to feel a little better now.
The flying part has been going well. I usually get nervous, but I think I was too tired to this time slept most of the way comfortably (well as comfortable as you can get on a plane) haha!
I arrive at the OR Tambo International Airport at 7:15AM Johannesburg time ;) and the Lambano driver will pick me up after dropping the children off at school! Also pray that I get my luggage is alright, that is isn't damaged or lost...God is in control!

I have set the LORD always before me;
         Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.
Psalm 16:8

Thank you for you prayers and support! I'm so blessed by you!
In Christ,


  1. Yay! Keep us updated!! Love you!

  2. Woot! Go RayRay! :) Still so hard to believe you're so far away now just a little over 24 hours after seeing you! Feel better, I'ma prayin'! :D

  3. Rachel, yes God is in control. This week's lesson in BSF about King Hezikiah was God is Sovereign. The timing of this lesson was amazing. That was my prayer the whole week as I thought of you. Remember this which is the principle all through Isaiah, When you begin with God you get the right view of people and circumstances, when you began with people and circumstances you get the wrong view of God. And remember everyday is a gift from God. Mom:)