Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunny Day

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Today was finally a pretty sunny day like yesterday, which is good since the rest of the weekend is to be rainy...
I spent the morning at the hospice. Read some stories to Boutmelio because he wasn't feeling well today :( After school with Cina I did some work with Koketso and Selbe and while I was finishing up with that Martha came and asked me to go grocery shopping with her...wanted me to drive. I had some trouble...stalled a couple times...I think since it wasn't the usual route I'm used like doing the school run...oops...oh well. We went to Fruit and Veg to get a bunch of produce for the 3 shopping carts.
Getting back and having a late lunch I was to stay at 82 instead of doing the school run with Valerie because Mama Barbara took Noma to the doctor, so I did homework with the kids when they got home from school at 2:30. The kids at 82 (where I live) have been wanting me to teach them to knit all week and I said I would on Thursday, so we were going to after homework but since it was hot we went swimming fun :)
But after supper I did start to teach Tshepsio, Mandla, and Siya to knit. The 2 boys had quite a hard time, but Tshepsio picked it up pretty quick! Will have to see how the other kids do with it lol.
During prayers with the kids at bedtime Siya thanked God that Miriam and I have come to South Africa. It made me feel good to have an impact in theirs lives...even though I am only here for a short time...I don't know where God will lead me after in regards to Lambano. I feel that there are so many volunteers that come in and out of these kids lives, the only thing remaining constant is the house mamas. Anyways I won't be leaving for awhile so don't need to think so much about that now, but have been praying about it. I have already been here a week! Feels like a few days....
Since tomorrow is Friday I'm hoping to take some of the hospice kids to the park instead of doing schoolwork, hopefully it won't be raining.


  1. Good to hear you are doing well, getting to swim and learning to drive SA style (it also works in the UK and Australia). What did you get for produce? I'm sure the fruits there are really good.

    God is using you and training you. He's in control and we are praying for you here.


  2. OMG. Those are the most adorable kids ever. They look so happy to be with you!

  3. What beautiful children! Are these the ones from your house? I love the divers - Such joy!

  4. Love reading your updates! Thank you! Great to know what's going on and how I can pray for you :)

    Don't worry about the stick thing. Before you know it, you'll be a pro! I totally remember that when I went a different place than normal in my routine, I would stall all the time ;D

    Love and miss you, sister!