Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hospice Kids

From 8:00 to 12:00 every week day I am at the hospice. Usually teaching school unless something else comes up.
These are the kids who are in the hospice at this  time...Cina is 14 and has to be on oxygen. She knows some of her letters and numbers so I am continuing to teach her the alphabet and doing simple math. Selbe and Koketso are around 10 I think I haven't spent as much time teaching them this week but from what we've done so far they know some math and the alphabet. I haven't done school with Boutmeilo...he was at the hospital the day I started and wasn't feeling well the next day. He has skin cancer along with AIDS, I'm not aware of the whole situation but he may not be here much longer. Juniar is 5 and has brain damage on one side so I don't do school with him he doesn't walk since he can't stand on one of his legs. Thobile one year old and just starting to walk. Lambano has boy twins, Bheki and Khaya, at the hospice at the moment they aren't infected, but their mom was. She was sick with TB and was unable to care for them. She died a few days ago though. The twins are 3 months old and it's looking like the family might be taking them soon.


  1. Rachel this was hard for me as a mom to read, I can't imagine seeing little children so sick. My heart goes out to them. Praying for strength for you. Mom

  2. They seem very content, even being sick. Seems like God has really blessed Lambano...these kids are so precious. Could you bring home the girl on the right please?