Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A short time left...

First day back to school in a week today for the kids. I left home at 7am and didn't get back until 5pm. After taking Unathi to school, Jenna and I went to Bara (hospital). Jenna needed to get meds for some of the kids. I went to see Phillipos 11 year old boy who has been at hospital since last Monday. I took a story book along to read to him. Jenna didn't take long but we were with him for about an hour. Sick kids are all in one ward with probably 10 to 12 beds in each room. As soon as I walked into Ward 33 I was met with sickening stench. It actually made me a little nausea on Thursday. It's not very clean and I don't think they have washed Phillipos since he's been admitted. It hard to see sick little babies anytime much less in such an environment. I read to Phillipos until he fell asleep. He might come home on friday depending on his condition. Update on Boitumelo...he is much better. Now smiling and cracking jokes, the boy I'm used to teaching. Thank you all for your prayers for him...continue praying, he usually bounces back and then gets worse again.
Things are going well and I can't believe I only have 6 weeks left in South Africa...! it's going by so very fast! I have learned so much about life and myself the 4 months I've been living here. Things I have before only seen in pictures, I've experience in real life...kids who are literally skin and bones, make-shift shacks that people live their whole lives in, the different cultural and the way of the community. Some of the stories about the kids here at Lambano and the places and homes they have come from seem so unreal at times. It's a fallen, sinful world we live in and we are so fortunate to have a hope greater than seen here. Some days its all I have to cling to.
Thank you for your continuing prayers, support, and encouragement! God is faithful. Psalm 33:4

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  1. 6 weeks, my goodness! You better take tons of pictures in these next few weeks...it's going to go by so fast!