Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

The end of last week was welcoming...first full week back since school hoildays and I was getting tired lol. Drive to Katlehong Thursday and Friday. The oldest boy at Lambano(15 years) has been wanting to see his family, hasn't since he came here 2 years ago, We found his brother at a school and went Thursday to find out where the rest of his family lives, but the boy had already gone home. Friday just me and Martha went and we drove the boy home and he directed us like 30 minutes away turning and twisting through the township on dirt roads (if you would even call it a road lol) I was thinking how are we going to come back this way. Anyways Martha got the numbers of the family and they came to see him on Saturday. Oh and we did get a little turned around driving back but didnt get lost :)
Oh Thursday the oldest girl at hospice went with the social worker to another home. I took her to the shops to buy sweets before she left. She sang a song for me called "Mama" which I recorded. I'm sure that I will be keeping her in my prayers for quite a long time from now.
My camera is broken, don't know what happened to it but it completely just stopped working one night. I'm borrowing the Lambano camera for the rest of the time I'm here 5 weeks. It not as good as mine was..like th video I take are worthless but at least you can still here the song Tsitsi sang :)
So on Sunday it was Mothers Day of course and I got my first Mothers Day card from sweet Noma :) made me very happy because I wasn't even expecting it. Martha and I went to a Mothers Day concert at the Zoo and the weather was perfect! The Johannesburg Festival Orchestra was playing with Tamara Dey (love her voice) and the Bala Brothers sang! It was really fun and ended in doing the can-can around the gazebo haha.
Mothers Day is a day for honoring mothers, celebrating and thanking them for the love and sacrifices of raising us. They prayed in church about it...I was thinking about all the Lambano kids when they prayed this prayer, sitting in the front of the stage on kiddy chairs...their mothers aren't/weren't like that. Sure, some of them died and maybe some thought it would be giving them a better life, but not all the kids stories are like that. Children are a gift from God and what I don't understand is how can a mother abuse their own child and neglect them...I cannot comprehend it. With as much love as I have for these kids, I'd think, wouldn't it be increased if the child is your own flesh and blood?

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